Kuwait University
College of Life Sciences

Information Science Department

ISC Faculty Members’ Profile

Name Phone Ext. Email Area of research interest
Dr. Abdullah Al Mutairi 24633275 abdullah.almutairi@ku.edu.kw Data mining
Prof.Anton Cerny 24633371 anton.cerny@ku.edu.kw Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics on Words, Network Reliability
Dr. Aseel Al Monaies 24633265 asil.almonaies@ku.edu.kw Web application migration , Web Services, Service-oriented architecture and Security
Dr. Bader Ali 24633122 bader.ali@ku.edu.kw Large Scale distributed systems, Social networking inspired trusted network systems, Digital Rights management, Digital identity management
Dr. Dari Alhuwail 24633274 dari.alhuwail@ku.edu.kw Health Informatics, Information Systems Adoption, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement, Systems Development, Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Systems Evaluation, Geographical Information Systems, GeoHealth
Dr. Eiman Al-Shammari 24633236 dr.eiman@ku.edu.kw Data Mining, IT applications (Educational/Environmental)
Dr. Fatima Boujarwah 24633177 f.boujarwah@ku.edu.kw Human Computer Interaction, Crowdsourcing, Assistive Technologies, Educational Technologies, Autism and Technology
Dr. Hanady Abdulsalam 24633213 hanady.abdulsalam@ku.edu.kw Data streams, Data mining, Data gathering in WSN, and scheduling algorithms
Dr. Helal Al-Hammadi 24633113 helal.alhamadi@ku.edu.kw Fuzzy Logic, Power Quality, Mobile Adhoc Networks
Prof. Jehad Al Dallal 24633309
j.aldallal@ku.edu.kw Software testing, software metrics, software maintenance, protocol engineering
Dr. Kalim Qureshi 24633374 kalimuddinqureshi@gmail.com Distributed computing, performance measurement of systems; Medical Imaging and IT/IS applications.
Prof. Kassem Saleh 24633160 kassem.saleh@ku.edu.kw Software engineering, Information security, Wireless sensor networks
Dr. Loulwah Al-Sumait 24633086 loulwah.alsumait@ku.edu.kw Data mining, Text mining, Pattern Recognition, Topic modeling,
Prof. Mostafa Abd-El-Barr 24633232
Information Systems Security, Cryptographic Algorithms and Structures, Parallel Processing / Algorithms, Computer Networks Optimization, Design and Analysis of Reliable & Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems, Beyond-Binary System s Design & Analysis
Prof. Muhammad Sarfraz 24683029 muhammad.sarfraz@ku.edu.kw Intelligent Systems, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing
Dr. Naelah Al-Dabbous 24633364 naelah.aldabous@ku.edu.kw Communications,  Adaptive Signal Processing, Sensor Networks and information system security, e-business and e-commerce
Dr. Omar Al-Ibrahim 24633269 omar.alibrahim@ku.edu.kw Embedded systems security, web application security, reverse engineering, malware analysis
Prof. Paul Manuel 24633153 p.manuel@ku.edu.kw Graph Algorithms, Enterprise Computing, Cheminformatics
Dr. Ranya Al Awadhi 24633264 ranya.alawadhi@ku.edu.kw Information, computer, and network security. Fault-tolerant computing
Dr. Safaa Zaman 24633311 s.3zaman@ku.edu.kw Intrusion Detection Systems
Dr. Sana BuHamra 24633002 sana.buhamra@ku.edu.kw Environmental statistics, Risk Assessment, Small sample area estimation, App-lied statistical modeling; Nonparametric Inference; Modeling and Simulation; Sur-vey design and analysis.
Dr. Shaikha AlDuaij 24633373 alduaij.shaikhaesam@ku.edu.kw  
Dr. Zainab Al-Jazzaf 24633223 dr.zainab@ku.edu.kw Web Services, Service Management, Quality of Service, Security and Trust, Service-Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing, E-government.
Dr. Zainab Al-Meraj 24633714 z.almeraj@ku.edu.kw Human Computer Interaction, Assistive technologies, 2D-Graphics and mathematics, Non-photorealistic rendering (NPR), Health Informatics, E-government accessibility.

Important Contact Number

Prof. Paul Manuel
Program Director
Phone: 24633153
Email: p.manuel@ku.edu.kw