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Information Science Department

Department of Information Science

The department has strong commitment to maintain a quality program consistent with the overall mission of the College and the ever-changing demands of the profession through outcome based learning programs based on ABET recommendations. Our BS Program in Information Sciences offers students a strong foundation in principles, practice, and management of information systems (IS). The curriculum focuses on the methods, concepts, and practical applications of information systems in the workplace. Students are trained to develop, implement and maintain information systems in order to successfully support the increasingly visible role of information system in enterprise management.

The emphasis is on application and management of information Systems rather than the engineering aspects of computer. Core technology areas include object oriented programming, web programming, operating systems, computer networks, Information Security System, system analysis and design, database management, and Information System development. The program of study also includes practical statistics, and discrete mathematics and computer ethics. The program also includes an "Environmental Electives" component. This provides students opportunities to focus on some specialized topics where IS plays a major role.

Through courses such as internship programs, capstone projects and environmental electives, students acquire a range of technical and business skills to develop, implement and maintain information systems in a variety of organizations. Through courses such as technical writing and career developments, they become effective communicators, who can clearly define business needs and cogently articulate the capabilities and potential of computer-based information systems to meet these needs. Through courses such as IS theory and Practice and IS development, they learn to define strategies and facilitate creative solutions to business information problems.

Our students are trained for a variety of careers in information science, especially in the design, implementation, and management of business systems. Example job titles of our graduates include Information Systems Designer/Architect, System Analyst, web designer / developer, multimedia service support, software tester, security administrator, programmer, and database administrator.